About The Cast

Cry MJ he/him
Producer, head director, co-creator, social media manager, transcript editor, time manager, audio editor, sound designer, creative manager, coordinator, writer, casting director, voice of Connor Montes, music composer, twitter: @cry_mj
Jace Pelletier they/xir
Head writer, co-creator, creative director, co-producer, audio editor, sound designer, director, communications, coordinator, music composer, voice of Alex Mallory, twitter: @incandescentfae
Caspian Palemoon ve/kits
Sound designer, co-creator, audio editor, writer, voice of Carmin Brunhild, twitter: @CaspianPalemoon
Beth Barrett they/them
Voice of Ollie Jones, co-creator, artist of merch and cover designs, twitter: @bethbarrett_
Reilly Deegan they/she
Voice of Devyn Fraser, co-creator, twitter: @ya_boi_reilly
Felyx Pozorski they/he
Voice of Bartholomew ''Sal'' Lein and Orion, co-creator, audio editor, twitter: @chaos_ignited
Daniel Freiburg he/him
Voice of Zacharias Beckett, transcript editor, audio editor, writer, co-creator, twitter: @LowBatteryDenki
Freya Meldrum she/he
Voice of Oleander and Maya Montes, audio editor, sound designer, twitter: @freyatwill
Sebastian Valenzuela they/he
Head music composer, voice of Esther Lein and Lavender, audio editor twitter: @_mossrocks
Monte Clarke they/them
Audio editor
Phobos he/him
Voice of Selain
Cam Ryan P any pronouns
Voice of Destasia Petit, twitter: @lemonastra
Kit he/they
Voice of Conan and Matthew Blackwell, twitter: @kit_n_kboodle
Avery Thompson they/she
Voice of Cassius Bennett